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Cleansing and draining drink

5D Depuradren represents today the most complete solution for the overall physical well-being.

  • Thanks to its innovative formulation and to the use of highly selected vegetable substances, 5D DEPURADREN is really effective for a wide spectrum action, fostering a physiological draining and purifying effect which is also invigorating and useful to keep your weight under control, since it reintegrates the mineral salts with potassium and magnesium and fostering the appropriate functionality of the intestine.
    • Draining
    • Weight control
    • Cleansing
    • Detoxicant
    • Helps the diuresis
    • Invigorating
    •"Flat belly" action
    • Reintegration of mineral salts: potassium and magnesium


  • For a physiological draining effect
    Silybum marianum (milk thistle)

    Burgeons of this plant collected in spring and soaked in alcohol, water and glycerin. It fosters the circulation of the lower limbs and helps the lymphatic system, fostering a physiological drainage of the liquids in excess.

    For a physiological cleansing detoxicant effect
    Silybum marianum (milk thistle)

    We utilize fruits rich in flavone derivate such as silibin, silicristin and silidianin, which are traditionally known for their ability to foster the digestive processes; their use contributes to remove the waste produced by the organism, thus favoring the reduction of the lipids in excess.
    We utilize the root, which is rich in bitter principles, heterosides, choline, resins, insulin and other. It has the properties of an invigorating bitter. It fosters a cleansing draining effect, facilitating the elimination of the toxins from the organism. These effects highlight and justify its use as a very effective detoxicant agent.

    For a physiological help on weight control and an anti-oxidizing action
    Oolong green tea

    Particularly rich in polyphenols, with caffeine, teatina, organic acid and other. It has always been considered a very good anti-oxidizing agent with thermogenic effects which justify its use in products for weight control associated to the appropriate diet and a light physical activity.
    Green coffee
    A powerful anti-oxidizing product, useful to fight oxidizing stress and ageing. Furthermore, the chlorogenic acid contained can control the level of glucose in the bloods, this favoring a loss of weight. It also has a significant draining effect to fight the stagnation of the liquids.

    Invigorating action:

    Also called Siberian Ginseng, it is an adaptogenous, anti-stress and anti-fatigue plant. It contains the adaptogenous active principles (eleutherosides A, B, BI, C, D, E) which reduce the stress, increase the physical and mental performance without disturbing sleep and - furthermore - increase the stamina. It is considered an elixir of life, which can stimulate the sexual appetite, strengthen the immune system and balance the energy.

    To facilitate diuresis:

    We use an extract obtained by leaves which are rich in ethereal oil, tannins, resin and a heteroside (betuloside). A plant known for its diuresis facilitating effect. It can therefore be particularly useful in case of edematous predisposition.
    We use leaves and tops containing potassium, ortosphonine, tannins and ethereal oils. It fosters the physiological reduction of liquids in excess.

    For anti-fermentation "FLAT BELLY" effect

    We use the aromatic fruits, rich in essential oils. Widely used for the obvious carminative effect, which naturally fosters the reduced production of intestinal gases, with the subsequent feeling of lower abdominal inflation.

    For a reintegration of the mineral salts

    They are both eliminated as a result of excessive diuresis or seating; subsequently, they might need to be integrated. Furthermore, the consumption of magnesium prevents the occurrence of cramps.


  • We recommend to consume one 15 ml beaker diluted in a large glass of water twice a day: once in the morning and once in the afternoon, or to dilute two 15 ml beakers in 1 liter of water to be drunk throughout the day. The dosing beaker is provided in the package.


500ml vial

• Pineapple scent



300ml vial

Massive-dose formula
• Peach tea scent
• 10 day program
• Upgraded formula
• Immediate effectiveness
Same active ingredients of 5D Depuradren, but double dose. Suitable for the first 20 days of the treatment, which can continue with one of the flavours of 5D Depuradren Line.


500ml vial

• Wild berry scent


500ml vial

• Orange scent


500ml vial

• Peach tea Scent


300ml bottle
Massive-dose formula
• Pineapple scent
• 10 day program
• Upgraded formula
• Immediate effectiveness
Same active ingredients of 5D Depuradren, but double dose. Suitable for the first 20 days of the treatment, which can continue with one of the flavours of 5D Depuradren Line.